Wholesome and Happy

I’ve shared, with you, our goals for Truett and I’m finding that changing Truett’s eating habits/choices, is not as hard as I thought it would be. He seems to be embracing it all very well and so I wanted to share a couple of my tips & ideas with you on how to encourage different eating habits/choices and how to manage ‘food’ in this busy world we live in!  I’m just a mom trying to keep my family wholesome and happy!  That’s what life is all about y’all.
Truett and snacks


I know, I know. It’s one of those things that you start, with good intentions, and then never follow through with. Am I right? Something I have discovered is not, so much, what we’re eating as part of our 3 daily meals, but what we eat in-between. I started to understand Truett’s eating patterns and realized that he was eating ANYTHING that he could find quickly.   I decided at that point to prepare snacks ahead of time and help him establish more balanced choices.  Using baggies, I filled with some usual foods like carrots, oranges, and apples.  I also filled some baggies with snacks like Honey Maid Go Bites, which has become one of Truett’s favorite snacks.  I love that these little Honey Maid Go Bites are wholesome and have 5g of Protein plus an additional 7g of whole grains.   Truett loves the chocolate or vanilla filling.  With all these baggies prepared in advance, when he comes in ready for a snack, he knows he has a choice of them that give him a more balanced choice and since they’re in baggies, he can just quickly grab one!  This prevents him from ‘eating out of the box’.  He gets a sense of portion control and gets to make his own choice on which snacks, from the several I’ve provided.



I’m one of those moms that prefers that her kiddo “just let mom do it”, but how can Truett learn anything if I’m not letting him help?  I started letting Truett help me do things like peel oranges,  count out the Honey Maid Go Bites, and fill all those baggies for the week.  It was a real sense of accomplishment to him; getting to see what balanced options he had, serving sizes, etc.  He was totally getting it!  Bonus tip:  I’ve been letting Truett help me shop for these items in the store and he loves that.  He really feels like such a grown up and I’m teaching how to resist other not-so-great foods and choose the better, more wholesome foods!

Whether Truett is helping his dad on the ranch, headed outside for some basketball practice, or just needs some get up and go at 6:20am, I know that he has plenty of balanced choices now to grab-n-go before his activities!

falcon bunch

No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will. Honey Maid: everyday wholesome snacks for every wholesome family. This is Wholesome.

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