Breakfast and Pasta on a Busy Day

Busy days mean quick meals.  For breakfast, I slathered some barney butter on a slice of bread with bananas on the side.  It’s packed full of protein and it gets me going in the morning.  We’ve had some busy days around here and their about to get busier. Between family vacations, cowboy works, and doctor visits for eyes & physicals, we haven’t been home much.   My husband doesn’t eat breakfast really. He prefers brunch but rarely gets that since he’s working during those hours. This is what I look like every morning. Lovely huh?  I admit, I do love my iMac though and it’s handy dandy photobooth is awesome!

I’m making small changes in my eating habits still and it’s been easier than I thought. The hard part comes when I have to cook for everyone or just for me and my husband.  We are still loving the Lean Cuisine Market Creations. My husband has requested the shrimp one more than once and now has me stock the fridge with it.  This time around, we thought we’d try a new food item that’s still fast and easy to make.  Meet Buitoni, a complete meal for two, that literally takes like no time to make.  I was wowed by this for a couple of reasons. 

  1. It literally only takes minutes once your water is boiling.  FANTABULOUS!
  2. It only uses one pot which makes for easy clean up.  Who wants to spend their days cleaning right?
  3. It’s a freezer item, which it my opinion, makes for a much fresher taste.

The taste is amazing!  I saw where it says ‘premium ingredients’ and it guess it is because it was sooooooo good!  It was Buitoni’s Four Cheese & Spinach Ravioli and reminded me of one that I had in a fancy restaurant some time ago!  And what I love is that you can make this in a hurry or you could pair it with a glass of wine and have a lovely dinner with your lover. rowr. We did both actually and then tried one more thing……My kids have never had a spinach, cheese ravioli so I definitely wanted them to taste it.  I used two boxes of Buitoni and it made more than enough to feed all 5 of us.  If you make a bread to go with it, that’s even better!  Oh wait! Has Buitoni ever thought of doing the ravioli & breadsticks in a box?????  Now there’s an idea!  I topped mine with Parmesan cheese and man, it was good!  They are big raviolis so one box goes a long ways.

My boys loved, loved, loved the food! I was especially proud of Tyler because he’s one of those that hears spinach, bananas, or any other fruit & vegetable and runs but he tried it and had seconds.  While I’d love to make pasta, it just ain’t happening!  When I can cook from scratch, I do but when you’re running around the ranch and chasing cows & a toddler, sometimes you just need fast.  Thank goodness this fast, is also good!

We are trying the Shrimp and Lobster one next…….YUM!  Do you buy dried pasta, fresh pasta, frozen pasta, or make your own?


  1. jess says

    Thanks for sharing all of your quick meal ideas. I am a working mom who does not have time to spend thinking and cooking elaborate meals. What other brands do you try?

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