Nutty Caramel Covered Peanut Butter OREO Cookie Balls Recipe #CookieBalls

I have never made cookie balls but I remember when my friend Michelle made some for the class silent auction. They were delicious!  When OREO asked if I wanted to make a cookie ball recipe using OREOS, I was like, “HECK YEA!”.   While I realize it’s a mouthful, I came up with Nutty Caramel Covered Peanut Butter OREO Cookie Balls.

Nutty Caramel Oreo Peanut Butter Cookie Balls

Me and my cowboy had fun making these, and of course taste testing a couple of variations.  We ultimately went with these that taste very much like a snickers bar.  The ingredients and process is simple y’all.   And sorry for some of the blurred photos. My husband thought he’d help. -.- Also, the pie plate is from Temp-Tations and comes in a very affordable set!  Great gift idea y’all.

We were gonna use regular OREO cookies  as the base but when we saw the peanut butter OREO cookies, we couldn’ resist!  There are gazillions of variations you can create using the original OREO cookie balls recipe so be be creative when making your own!

OREO cookie ball recipe ingredients

You want to go ahead and have your OREOS blended up with the cream cheese and made into balls.  It takes no time to do.  I used my Blendtec to get the OREO cookies to a fine crumble and mixed the rest with my hands!

oreo cookie steps

Once the cookie balls were formed, I melted the caramel bits with the heavy cream.  The cream helps it from hardening.  I quickly chopped up some Fisher Nut pecans and set aside. Fisher Nuts actually has chopped pecans but I was out of those having used them in my Texas Pecan Pie Brownies. I only had pecan halves.  When the caramel was melted, I let it cool for just a minute.   I rolled each cookie ball in the caramel, then rolled in the pecans.  I set all the rolled cookie balls onto some waxed paper and set in freezer for 10 minutes and kept refrigerated until ready to serve.

Oreo cookie balls caramel

It’s a little messy but not bad and totally worth it!  What a nice holiday treat this will make, don’t ya think?  Truett loved them!

truett eating

DELICIOSO HUH!  So if you were gonna make a cookie balls recipe, what would you make?  If you need some inspiration, follow the #cookieballs hashtag and see all sorts of goodies!


Disclosure: Compensation was provided for my time & efforts to create this post. All opinions are my own, always.


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