Spicy Buffalo Wings

What’s the best thing about watching football at home?  The appetizers y’all!  And what game-day would be complete without Spicy Buffalo Wings?

Spicy Buffalo Wings

To be honest, I am not a fan of buffalo wings but my husband and boys LOVE them!  I wanted to surprise my man by making our own version because I normally just buy the store version of them or order them at a pizza place.  It was very simple to mix up and they tasted awesome (according to my husband and son).

Spicy Buffalo wings uncooked   Spicy Buffalo Wings and legs

I bought the Great Value bag of chicken wing sections. It was a 4lb bag that turned out to be quite a bit.   You’ll probably have most of the ingredients on hand already which really cuts the spending down.   You may have to buy the pepper sauce but just pick your favorite and buy enough for a cup.  We used a cowboy Louisiana pepper sauce but regular ol’ Tabasco sauce would be fine too.

Spicy Buffalo wings ingredients   Spicy Buffalo Wings sauce

While some may fry buffalo wings, we opted to bake them in the oven.  It was easier to just do the whole bag at once vs batches in a fry daddy.  And well, a lot healthier really too.  Since it’s not 100′ weather anymore, it’s not so terrible using the oven.

Spicy Buffalo Wings Appetizer

Hope y’all enjoy the spicy buffalo wings and let me know who your favorite teams are!  And if this doesn’t fancy you, try Tara’s Buffalo Chicken Dip.


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